Industrial Boilers

Efficient SOx cleaning

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To meet the strengthening of the regulations, industrial boilers can use the SOLVAir® bicarbonate process; this is a low capital cost, very effective system, particularly adapted to medium-sized plants.

Combustion plants burn several types of fuels; some of them have a quite high sulfur content, leading to sulfur oxides emissions, Those pollutants face strengthening regulations, and often the existing plants do not have enough space or capital to install large expensive air pollution control systems.

The SOLVAir® Solution: dry sorbent injection of sodium bicarbonate for flue gas cleaning

In combustion plants, the SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution effectively mitigates SO2, SO3, partially the mercury (Hg) emissions, and additionally allows in some cases a reduction in NOx. 

Sodium bicarbonate BICAR® is used in dry injection processes where the product is fed directly into the flue gas stream. This low capital cost system is designed to meet the treatment needs of industrial boilers. Equipment can be installed quickly. 

The product is sodium-based and improves Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) performance, which allows additional particulate load without increasing dust emissions. For bag filter applications, the increased retention time improves the sorbent efficiency.