Oil Refinery

Efficient SOx cleaning

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Using the SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution in several parts of the plants, oil refineries can easily reach a significant mitigation of acid emissions, avoiding large capital spending. 

The oil refining industry is the second larger emitter of sulfur oxides after electricity production with fossil fuels. This kind of installation is very complex, and the SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution can be applied in many parts of the plant. For instance in tail gases of the Claus plants (recovery of sulfur), in the incineration of exhaust gases or oil sludge, and in other units emitting acid gases, the SOLVAir® Solution removes the pollutants. 

The SOLVAir® Solution: dry sorbent injection of sodium bicarbonate for flue gas cleaning

The sodium bicarbonate BICAR® is easily used in dry injection system in order to mitigate the sulfur oxides and other acid emissions.