Paper Mills

Efficient cleaning of HCl & SOx

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To face the strengthening of the regulations, pulp & paper mills find an economical answer using the SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution for mitigation of hazardous acid gas pollutants.

For the energy needs of paper mills, de-inking sludge and pulp are burned in steam boilers. 

The pulp & paper mills have to meet ever tightening European and local regulations of acid gas emissions.

The SOLVAir® Solution: dry sorbent injection of sodium bicarbonate for flue gas cleaning

SOLVAir® offers the product that can help mills to comply with regulations affecting the pulp & paper industry. 

Through a dry injection in the flue gas stream, the sodium bicarbonate BICAR® mitigates SO2, SO3, HCl. 

Dry sorbent injection is a low capital cost option that meets treatment needs of pulp & paper mills, and equipment can be installed quickly for trials or permanent installations.