Wastewater (sludge)

Efficient cleaning of SOx & HCl

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In this sector, numerous installations need simple and effective flue gas treatment systems to meet regulations. Despite the high moisture content of the flue gas, the SOLVAir® bicarbonate process is highly effective in mitigation of the main pollutant: the sulfur dioxide. 

Sludge incineration graphicSolvair Sludge Incination 

Sludge coming from (waste) water treatment was commonly used as fertilizer, but nowadays due to legal constraints their composition becomes inappropriate. In this case incineration becomes a possible solution for the operator. 

The homogeneity of the product and its high organic content make it easy to incinerate. Prior to incineration, the sludge are generally dehydrated down to 25-30% of moisture. The sulfur content of the sludge is transformed into SOx which have to be mitigated. 

The SOLVAir® Solution: dry sorbent injection of sodium bicarbonate for flue gas cleaning

Bicarbonate effectively neutralizes the SOx and HCl generated and easily meets the emission limit values required by the legislation for this industry.