SOLVAir® SB 0/3

A new solution for air pollution control (HCl, SOX, HF)

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Resulting from a fruitful collaboration with our industrial partners, SOLVAir® SB 0/3 is a new sodium-bicarbonate-based formulation, able to comply easily and efficiently with the most stringent environmental regulations.

SOLVAir® SB 0/3 solution is particularly recommended to:

  • Revamp plants equipped with a lime milk semi-wet or a dry lime injection based flue gas treatment with a bag filter and a DeNOX selective catalytic reduction system 
  • Improve the efficiency and increase the marketable energy of your facility
  • Mitigate pollutants peaks generated by waste
  • Treat more sulfur and chlorine concentrated waste

As a ready-to-use sorbent, SOLVAir® SB 0/3 is known for its easy handling, efficiency and environmental benefit:

  • Simple dry and direct injection in flue gas vein
  • Dry flue gas treatment over a large temperature range
  • Optimal process control and operational flexibility
  • Possible residue valorization
  • Added complementary value with DeNOX selective catalytic reduction systems

Specially dedicated to Waste-to-Energy and Industrial Processes

The first SOLVAir® SB 0/3 industrial applications speak for themselves:

Air emissions comply with European regulations

HCl  5-10 mg/Nm³ dry 11% O2
SO2 10-50 mg/Nm³ dry 11% O2

SOLVAir® SB 0/3 requested quantities are low thanks to high flue gas neutralization efficiency.

Residue quantities are lower than with lime based flue gas treatments.

The residue can be valorized thanks to RESOLEST® or SOLVAL®.

The quantity of ammoniated sorbent for selective catalytic reduction DeNOX is decreased.