Recycling of Residual Sodium Chemicals (RSC*) from desulfurization facilities.

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* Residual Sodium Chemicals

For residuals containing a large amount of sodium sulfate, the best option is a direct recycling in the process like in glass works and in some non ferrous metals. Other ways to recycle residuals can be considered as the Resogypse® process, one of the SOLVAir® Solutions. 

It is based on the following reaction: 

Na2SO4+ CaCl2 --------> CaSO4 + 2NaCl 

This process has the great advantage to transform residuals into two valuable products, calcium sulfate, known as gypsum, widely used in cement production and sodium chloride, used as a raw material in soda ash production.

Resogypse® is in operation within the Resolest® plant