Revasol® a performing process complying with European waste policy.

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SOLVAir® has developed and patented a process of recycling the fly ashes complementary to the RSC processing, offering an alternative to disposal. 

For waste to energy air pollution control, the following scheme shows the SOLVAir® solution aiming for a zero waste policy. 


To benefit from this process, it is mandatory to use 2 filters in series: 
  • Fly ashes (FA), captured by the 1st filter, might be treated and used in public works replacing the traditional granulates. 
  • RSC, coming from the second filtration, are dissolved, filtrated, purified and used as raw material in soda ash production.
With the Revasol® process, SOLVAir®'s zero waste approach improves waste management in accordance with the hierarchy defined by the European Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC).