Technical support for flue gas cleaning

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The SOLVAir® team will help you to develop economical and sustainable environmental solutions for your air emissions control and associated valorization issues.

Solvay has built its great know-how and renown on its capacity to be a partner for industries regarding their technical, economic and environmental challenges.

More than 250 plants in Europe have adopted the SOLVAir® bicarbonate solution. The SOLVAir® team, that has gained a very wide experience in air pollution control, is at your side at every stage of your project.

Alongside engineering companies or your own technical teams, they offer you expertise and advice to:

establish a diagnosis of your flue gas cleaning equipments

==> explore the opportunities of cutting costs while converting existing flue gas cleaning systems to SOLVAir® solutions

==> propose and carry out preliminary tests in situ with mobile equipment and laboratories

assist in the design of the flue gas cleaning installation

==> optimize the start-up with: air emission control performance analysis, verification and optimization of the reagent consumption

==> consider the possibilities of recycling for the Residual Sodium Chemicals

visit plants using the SOLVAir® Solutions for air emission control and residuals recycling.